At TRS Associates, a progression of orderly and timely steps leads to the selection of the best candidates.

  • Specific Requirements and Position Analysis - This beginning phase involves learning from you the details of the position, compensation range, reporting relationships, work experience and minimum educational  requirements  of your ideal candidate. Additional information used to match a candidate’s personal characteristics with your company “culture” is also developed at this point.

  • Sourcing and Recruitment - After development of the profile of the ideal candidate we seek, we begin the actual search process. Using a number of sources, including the most comprehensive candidate database in the metals industry, we begin to contact, network with, and actively recruit qualified individuals who may be interested in your opportunity. As highly skilled recruiters, we know how and where to find those “passive” job seekers who are currently employed but receptive to interesting career opportunities.
  • Evaluation of Candidates - After proper sourcing and recruitment, a number of qualified individuals are compared and evaluated. At this point, we speak directly with those in a position to comment on the candidates motivations and job performance. We work to narrow the field of candidates to those best qualified from the standpoint of professional experience, work ethic, education, career goals and aspirations, and business philosophy. Further reference checking is then done on remaining candidates.
  • Candidate Presentation - We now present your company with a list of our final candidates. We assist you in scheduling interviews with those selected. If you need additional help with anything at this phase, we will be as involved as you consider necessary.

  • Offer and Acceptance - After the ideal candidate has been identified and an offer tendered, we will work diligently to secure a timely acceptance to your offer. We will mediate any final concerns of both employer and candidate. These may involve compensation issues, possible relocation concerns, spousal employment, or any issue seen as important at this critical juncture.
  • Follow-Up - After acceptance of your offer, we stay in touch with both your company and the chosen candidate to guarantee that the match is a good one. In the unlikely event that there may be an issue, we can help to mediate and resolve the problem. Our goal is always to help you select as well as retain the best possible candidates for your organization.

“The secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well”
John D. Rockefeller